Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Electrical Week: Ending February 21, 2009

Weekly Update for Alternating Current Arts Co-op

*All items can be purchased through our website at via credit / debit card / Paypal; via Paypal directly using the email; or via snail mail with cash, check, or money order made out to Alternating Current, and mailed to Alternating Current, PO Box 398058, Cambridge MA 02139 USA. All authors receive royalties on our press, and each purchase comes with a free random chapbook from the archives while we clean house.*

Pocket Protector News:

The Light Of Fields by Michael Kriesel, the February Pocket Protector, is now available. $3 (plus $2 US shipping, $3 out-of-US shipping).

The proofs have been completed and mailed out for the March Pocket Protector, Short Shots by Alan Catlin, and the April Pocket Protector by A.D. Winans. Both can be advanced-purchased for $3 each (plus $2 US shipping, $3 out-of-US shipping) and will be mailed out upon printing.

Subscriptions are available for the Pocket Protector series, a series of mini-chapbooks jam-packed with poetry from a different author each month, chosen by invitation-only. Starting with the February issue: $30 in the US for one year, $45 in the US for two years. $45 out-of-US for one year. Currently only available through the mail, but subscriptions will be available online soon.

Chapbook News:

Proofs have been returned for A Symphony Of Olives by Julian Gallo and Body English by Joseph Verrilli. A Symphony Of Olives is available for advanced-purchase through the mail for $6 (plus $2 US shipping; $3 out-of-US shipping); more details to follow for both books.

We are currently working on the proofs for The Bones Of Saints Under Glass by Jeff Fleming (complete with an awesome cover by Hosho McCreesh!); Staying Alive: Essays on living by Ed Galing; and Poughkeepsie Icehouse by Anthony G. Herles. More details to follow.

no one gains weight in the shoulders by leah angstman is now available. $6 (plus $2 US shipping, $3 out-of-US shipping).

Poiesis #2 by various authors is now available. $4 (plus $2 US shipping, $3 out-of-US shipping).

We are still accepting submissions for the Dave Church tribute book, Taxi Cab Poet Confessions, through the end of February 2009. If you have a poem, anecdote, story, eulogy for Dave, send it this way.

We have also paired up with Marie Kazalia to begin work on the Clara Venus Rebirth project, piecing older submissions together into the next poetry collection. More information for that as it unfolds.

Distro/Store/Library News:

The Pocket Protector series of mini-chapbooks is now being carried through City Lights Books in San Francisco. Yum.

We Need Your Help:

Publishing Poiesis always sets us back a bit with funding. This last issue has 54 poets, and each poet gets a complimentary copy. While we love to do it, you can see that racks up quite a bill. So we are asking that, if you are in Poiesis #2, or if you have read it, please let people know about it. If each person in the issue can sell three copies, then we can make our money back. You can sell three copies, can't you? We are asking that, if you have a website, blog, zine, mailing list, or other sort of communication device, you send out a notice to everyone to let them know about Poiesis #2, whether you are in it, or whether you just love it. Any help is always appreciated. Link and images you can use are here: .

We need reviewers for some of our publications. Looking for regular reviewers who would like to do ongoing reviews for each of our publications. What this entails: we send you a copy of each book that comes out with all its information, and you do a review somewhere, either on a blog or a website, in a magazine, etc. If you would like to do this, and you have a review outlet, let us know. In addition, we always look for people interested in reviewing just a single book that captures individual interests. If you have a review outlet and are interested in reviewing one or more of the following books, please drop us a line for consideration: an alien here by leah angstman; Sweet & Sour by Ed Galing; [untitled] by justin.barrett; Ice Age by David S. Pointer. All we ask is that you let us know when the review has taken place/been published either via a link or by sending us a copy of a printed review.

And last but not least, if you are able, please donate to the press to keep these great works of writing flowing: H E R E . [Click on the DONATE button. You do not need to have a Paypal account, any credit/debit card works fine.]


Feedburner has moved all of its accounts over to Google, so there have been some changes in the email mailing list transfer. If you are having any problems receiving your weekly email, let us know. Everything should be smoothed out after all the transfers this week.

Reviews/Exposure News:

no one gains weight in the shoulders by leah angstman has been reviewed by Irene Koronas for Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene; and mentioned by Jeff Fleming of nibble.

Poiesis #2 was mentioned by Douglas Manson of Little Scratch Pad; mentioned by Jeff Fleming of nibble; reviewed by Doug Holder for Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene; and reviewed by Jeff Fleming of nibble.

These Poems Are Not Pink Clouds by Timothy Gager was reviewed by John Berbrich for the St. Lawrence Area Poets; and reviewed by Jeff Fleming of nibble.

Portraits by B.Z. Niditch was reviewed by John Berbrich for the St. Lawrence Area Poets.

A Sound To Drive Away The Coming Darkness by Christopher Cunningham was mentioned various times on Cunningham's blog.

Weekly Deal:

We are starting a new section of the mailing list, available only to people who are on the email list, with a weekly deal on material from the archives. We are hoping to have all of our archived material gone by the time we make our next big cross-country move in August, so we are discounting and pushing it. Sometimes free, sometimes for pennies, the weekly deal is only available to YOU. The only catch is you can't purchase it off the website, as the prices online are full-price. You can purchase through the mail or via Paypal directly using the email address

This week's deal: Just Because I Didn't Leave The Driving To Us, I Got Jailed And Juiced Good by Paul Weinman for only $1.50 (plus $1 US shipping; $3 out-of-US shipping). Check it out online, and then purchase it through the mail or Paypal with your discount. Hurry! This offer only lasts for one week!

And as always, thanks for tuning in, and we'll catch you next week. Please send replies to
-The Alternating Current cast & crew