Saturday, May 18, 2013

Help save the small press! Support our Kickstarter campaign!

Hello, friends of Alternating Current and the small press,

You are receiving this message because at some point along the way, you connected with Alternating Current, either via purchasing one of our many books, poetry chaps, or journals, signing up on our mailing list, or submitting your writing to our independent press. We thank you for following along with us, and we hope that we have touched your life in some way.

We are reaching out today because we have a Kickstarter fundraiser going on right now, and we need your help to make it as successful as it can be. The homestretch is upon us, and the finish line is winking and waving. There are only 5 days left to donate to the campaign to help us fund the small press to keep bringing meaningful, rare, and powerful works from independent authors into this world that so desperately needs it. If our small press has made your day at some point, then please help make ours now.

The fundraiser is raising money for three journals: Poiesis: A Literary Journal, Footnote: A Literary Journal of History, and Go Read Your Lunch: An Online Journal of Stories. We want to introduce you to these journals, tell you more about them, and get you fired up for their summer and winter arrivals. There is a video on the page where you can hear me talk to you about the journals and what your money will help fund. If you make it all the way to the end, you can even see me tear up, as I tell you about the small press, what it means to me, and why it is so important to help fund it now. It’s worth your time.  :)

Please go to the Kickstarter page, read the information, check out the links, watch the video, donate what you can, submit your work if you’d like to, take a little time to see the awesome rewards in store for you, as well as the rewards for hitting our first stretch goal, and now on to our second stretch goal. The small press needs you. We can’t exist without you. We are made up of you. You are our voice, and we are yours.

Please pledge what you can.

Leah Angstman
Alternating Current Coordinator

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