Thursday, June 7, 2012

NEW RELEASES from Propaganda Press

Still Life is a Human
by CEE

Chapbook of poems inspired by antique Carreras cigarette cards of Old Staffordshire Figures. Contains the entire series of early 1900’s cigarette cards facing the poems inspired by the collection, spanning everything from mythological gods to football to the author understanding as young as kindergarten age that he simply wasn’t like anyone else he knew.

For a Few Days More
by Brad King

The first published chapbook of Army veteran Brad King, this book is fueled with raw emotion, biting wit, and colorful language of love and loss, football as a metaphor, sexuality, art appreciation.  Contains thirty-four poems of refreshing honesty and of coming to understand one’s place in the world.

ill-fated solutions
by Joseph Veronneau

Book number seventeen of our Pocket Protector series. Poems of life, drugs, sorrow, exploration of the self, and coming to terms with all that life throws at you.  Veronneau’s words are at once realistic and floating like a drug-induced haze into the ethereal, the imagined, the believed.  He writes from the heart and doesn’t bog the poetry down with poetry.

Poiesis #5
by various authors

This litzine covers every emotion and topic, from tattoos to black widow spiders, from the AARP to Cosmo Magazine, from atheism to barlife to domestic abuse to Bob Kaufman, ten-year-old bank robbers to BP oil spills to pearls to holidays to Civil War to women who need to put on some different boots. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want more.

by Harry Calhoun

A harking back to the glorious days of yore, these are poems from Harry’s younger days that he is still at peace with. Written in the 1980’s and 90’s, representative of some of Harry’s best work that stands the test of time, gathered in a collection for the first time. Emotional, gripping, cerebral, thought-provoking, emptying, humorous, important.

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