Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Electrical Week: Ending January 10, 2009

Weekly Update for Alternating Current Arts Co-op

*All items can be purchased through our website at via credit/debit card / Paypal; via Paypal directly using the email; or via snail mail with cash, check, or money order made out to Alternating Current, and mailed to Alternating Current, PO Box 398058, Cambridge MA 02139 USA. All authors receive royalties on our press, and each purchase comes with a free random chapbook from the archives while we clean house.*

Pocket Protector News:

The proof for January's Pocket Protector, Political Prisoners by Raymond Sapienza, has been mailed out. Copies will be available online once we receive the proof back. Advanced copies are available through the mail for $3 (plus $2 US shipping, $3 out-of-US shipping).

The February Pocket Protector, The Light Of Fields by Michael Kriesel is currently in the works, as well. Advanced copies of that are available through the mail for $3 (plus $2 shipping, $3 out-of-US shipping).

Subscriptions for 2009, starting with the January issue: $30 in the US for one year, $45 in the US for two years. $45 out-of-US for one year. Currently only available through the mail, but subscriptions will be available online soon.

Chapbook News:

no one gains weight in the shoulders, the new chapbook by leah angstman, is available now through the mail for $6 (plus $2 US shipping, $3 out-of-US shipping). Will be available online shortly.

Poiesis #2, the poetry litzine of various authors, is now available through the mail for $4 (plus $2 US shipping, $3 out-of-US shipping). Will be available online shortly. All authors in the litzine will receive one complimentary copy; no further discounts are available, as this zine barely breaks even in costs, considering there are 54 poets in this issue!

Our next chapbook in the works is Body English by Joseph Verrilli.

We are still accepting submissions for the Dave Church tribute book, Taxi Cab Poet Confessions, until the end of February. Please help out in spreading the word. Many of Dave's poet friends do not have computers and are not on this list. If you know of any of those people, please pass the word along to them and let them know to feel free to submit via snail mail.

Distro/Store/Library News:

Our books are now going to be carried through City Lights in San Francisco, with special thanks to Chris Robin, who took interest in our work and gave us the connection.

These Poems Are Not Pink Clouds, the latest chapbook by Timothy Gager, is currently available at Grolier Poetry Book Shop, Cambridge, MA; New England Mobile Book Fair, Newton Highlands, MA; and Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA.

Reviews/Exposure News:

Poiesis #1 will be reviewed in (the final issue ever) issue #8 of Fight These Bastards. Purchase your advanced copy here and support the small press.

These Poems Are Not Pink Clouds was listed in the Somerville Authors Books of 2008 and on Timothy Gager's website.

We won a free subscription to the great nibble magazine and got listed on the website!

A Sound To Drive Away The Coming Darkness was listed on Christopher Cunningham's New York Quarterly Poets profile.

Poet Hound reviewed Ice Age by David S. Pointer.

I Want To Eat Chinese Food Off Your Ass was listed on Shane Allison's Vagabondage Press profile.

leah angstman is the featured poet in this week's Lyrical Somerville column of The Somerville News, Somerville, MA. Rush out and get a copy today. And if you can find last week's issue, grab that, too, for a stellar review of B.Z. Niditch's Portraits and Timothy Gager's These Poems Are Not Pink Clouds. Check the inside back page!

Open Submissions/Poetry Opportunities News:

We are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts for 2009. Please note that they will be spaced out and printed in the order they are received, which may take several months, but please send them in for review at any time. 20-30 poems, and we look for cutting edge stuff. No frillies, no florals, no fufu. We respond immediately upon submission, and you don't have to be a previously published poet to participate (oooh! alliteration!)... just give us some good words.

The Dave Church tribute book, Taxi Cab Poet Confessions, will be accepting submissions until the end of February. Send them in. If you have poems of Dave's that you would like to see reprinted, photos, tribute items that you wrote, items reprinted from other magazines, etc., send them on in.

Poiesis #2 is complete. No more single submissions for a little while, please. Collect them together and send us a chapbook manuscript instead.

General News:

Somerville, MA, Poet Mike Amado passed away on January 2, 2009, at the tender age of 34, from a long-fought battle with kidney disease. He will be missed in our local poet community.

Thanks for tuning in. We'll be back next week,
-The Alternating Current crew