Thursday, January 15, 2009


Poiesis #2
poetry by
various authors


Poiesis #2, the newest issue of our poetry litzine of various authors, is now available! Chock-full of poets, this issue is our thickest and best yet. Copies can now be purchased online or through the mail for $4 (plus $3 shipping) via cash, check, or money order made out to Alternating Current, PO Box 398058, Cambridge MA 02139 USA, or via PayPal with the email address All authors printed in the book will receive one complimentary copy.

This issue includes:

Cover artwork:
gwen stacy
by leah angstman

Perspective of Time Going By by Timothy Gager
The Rosebud by Jason Fisk
and then again by Father Luke
A Mother's Mantra by Rebecca Schumejda
The Fall of Miss Sopa, Eater of Clay by Julie Buffaloe-Yoder
II by William Martinez
An Artist's Night Out by Joseph Veronneau
Fairy Tale by Neal Wilgus
Moshe. by Janice Brabaw
on art and war by justin.barrett
Just another Dead Man in the name of Justice by Charles D. Thacker [Charles D. Thacker died on November 9, 2005; the poem he sent us has been published here posthumously.]
Capabilities by Ashley Gatewood
The Commissar of Bloomingdale's by Zoe A. Jaimot
HORN SHAPED MOON by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
SECOND COMING by Michael Kriesel
becoming clear by Marie Kazalia
heave beauty by Kevin M. Hibshman
lord and the by Rod Naquin
Boris & Natasha by Dave L. Tickel
JUNE by Pamela Annas
no place like home for the holidays by leah angstman
AT THIRTEEN by B.Z. Niditch
On Dreaming of Kyle Secor Naked When Terrorists Flew a Plane Into The World Trade Center by Shane Allison
[untitled] by Mike Trottier
Overdid by Kristen DeLuca
The Poetry of the American Constitution by R. Emolo
I Hear a Trumpet by Jeff Fleming
The Gods by Stephanie Hiteshew
in the doorway by normal
too dumb to be human, too fucked up to be a machine by Alan Catlin
politicus by Guy R. Beining
* by Simon Perchik
Blood Lust by Kristin Nurre
The Table by Douglas Manson
Bargains by David S. Pointer
Get a Rope? by Karl Chamberlain [Karl Chamberlain died on June 11, 2008; the poem he sent us has been published here posthumously.]
Real Solution by Giovanni Malito [Giovanni Malito died on October 19, 2003; the poem he sent us has been published here posthumously.]
In The Cards by Pat Steele
Paranoia by illithid
Hayden Carruth Suite by Glenn W. Cooper
Light by Dan Buck
& you wonder why by Howard Guidry
Saved By A Ladybug by Catfish McDaris
QUASI SETTANT'ANNI SONO TRASCORSI by Ferruccio Brugnaro [Italian version]
SEVENTY YEARS HAVE PASSED by Ferruccio Brugnaro [English Version, Translated by Jack Hirschman]
Wind-checked by Mignon Ariel King
CELL PHONE by Ed Galing
Hearing, Not Hearing by Joseph Verrilli
Fuck Caution by Michael J. McCallum
For All The Years by David J. Thompson
Weight Of The 4 AM Moment by Jessica Harman
New Year's Eve, 2008 by Hosho McCreesh

Featured Writer: J.J. Campbell:
the island
nearly six years since we last spoke
priceless never comes around anymore
my fellow man