Friday, March 1, 2013

NEW RELEASES from Propaganda Press

Homemade Custer
by CEE

Concept chapbook about legends, facts, and fiction surrounding General Custer and the Indians who fought the Battle of Little Bighorn during Custer’s infamous Last Stand. An intimate comparison between the romanticism of Old West and the stark realism of the contemporary Custer Battlefield creates this imagined tale of a day that shaped history.

Twisting Free
by Jessica Harman

Chapbook of poems about love, loss, a discovery of the self, and twisting free from the ties that bind.  Intimate, personal, and full of emotional depth, these poems will take you through one woman’s journey to free herself from what holds her down and to discover love along the way in places we sometimes forget to look.

Rachel, My Torment
by Patricia Hickerson

Chapbook of poems about the loss of the author’s daughter, Rachel, focusing on the daughter’s bipolar disorder, a tumultuous relationship between mother and child, the guilt and pain that accompany deep loss, and the endearing knowledge that love — no matter how strained or painful — conquers all.

Songs for Oblivion
by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

Chapbook of poems about love, loss, tuning in to nature, understanding the futility, necessity, and life-giving aspects of poetry. This collection is crisp, to the point, and poignant, giving readers an emotional look through the author’s eyes as he explores his world to discover that sometimes life and love are found (and lost) in strange places.

americanEyes V. 1
by Michael D. Grover

Chapbook of poems in a series about america with the lowercase a: the america fueled on society, capitalism, a hierarchy of power and greed, and the death of art; that perpetuates homelessness, poverty, and a lower class, and feeds on those who perceivably can’t fight back. Until they fight back.  These are the words of the author fighting back.

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