Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SHADES OF GREEN by Jeff Fleming

Shades of Green
Poetry by Jeff Fleming
$5 (plus shipping)


Jeff Fleming's latest collection of poems revolves around the before, during, and after years of the Vietnam War, dabbling more with the damaging psychological effects of the sights, sounds, and senses of and around the soldiers than the actual war itself. Fleming doesn't claim to be an historian in these poems, but rather a narrator for those who can no longer speak for themselves, a portal into the minds of the fallen... or those who would rather they had fallen than be thrown back into a society that no longer understands what they'd been through. The voice is there, in a simple and unpretentious way, giving faces and names to those who can no longer tell their stories and paralleling the fears and flickering media images of today's war, reminding us that history repeats itself if we don't learn from it. Fleming -- an editor and publisher, himself, who knows the importance of saying everything in just a few words -- is precise with his pen, clear cut and vocal without the padding, bringing you a collection of poems that are equally as enjoyable and beautiful as they are important and gripping, leaving you knowing the truth about war and its survivors: that only those who have died will ever see the end of it.

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This book includes:

Poems by Jeff Fleming:

Make It Count
the leaves, the grass
In The Bush
December 9, 1969
The Good News
Some Guys
Way Out Here
Today Is
The Machete
The Smallest Rustle
Chico Tells Me
Bird Book
Egg Nog and Something Else
The First Thing
In the Dust
The Little Moments
Over There
The Four Ravens of the Apocalypse
In the Dream



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