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DEATH IS MY SUBJECT by Christopher Cunningham

Death Is My Subject

Poetry by
Christopher Cunningham

Limited Deluxe Edition
$6 (plus shipping)

The twelfth book in our Pocket Protector series of mini-chapbooks, Death Is My Subject is Christopher Cunningham's look at beauty in suffering, strength in withering, purity in the wilting of youth and time and passion and life. It is an uplifting look at death, the all-encompassing darkness, fear, straight-forward marching into the blackness; but there is more: Cunningham shows you the light in all of it, the sparks of necessity, the blips of sanity even in the bleakest moments. Instead of focusing on the negativities or finalities of death, this book truly teaches the intricacies and beauty of living. Full of grit and realism, this book, marching us into a graceful death, also symbolizes the laying to rest of all of Cunningham's work up to this point, the close of a chapter, the death of a decade. Truly poignant and moving.

The Limited Deluxe Edition comes with the Pocket Protector chapbook; a supplement chapbook with different previously-unpublished poems continuing the theme; one laminated bookmark in a series of six designs, numbered and signed by the author; and a full-color poetry broadside, numbered and signed by the author, all wrapped in a black crepe paper package with a ribbon and a thin cloth leaf. This is a beautiful limited edition package, and once it's gone, it's gone!

The Limited Deluxe Edition can now be purchased online; or through the mail for $6 (plus $4 US shipping; $6 out-of-US shipping) via cash, check, or money order made out to Alternating Current, PO Box 398058, Cambridge MA 02139 USA; or via PayPal with the email address All authors on our press receive royalties for each copy sold, and each purchase comes with two free random books from the archives while we clean house. You can also purchase just the Pocket Protector book to complete your collection without all the deluxe works for $3 (plus $2 US shipping; $3 out-of-US shipping) online or through the mail to the same address.

The Pocket Protector includes:

the deepest glass
the neighborhood
and the ride home
an uneasy horizon
another, better reason
dust upon the crucifix
the loyalty of a dog
this box of wooden matches
a light worth dying for
North Carolina
the animals
he has time
all night long
good morning, george orwell
a typical destruction
still reaching
a walk in the desert
song of a cold heart
on a clear night
the tide going out
standing naked in the pouring illusion
to the peddlers of jesus at my door
strange eyes
so what's your excuse?
here and now

The supplement chapbook includes:

those who do not dream
yet the dusk comes
an otherwise featureless landscape
one way out
a sound I hear in color
waylaid in the desolation, strangely smiling
days of emergency
he won't be riding a pale anything
hope for the future
not really a betting man
not many nights
the curb
to find a way
holiday spirit
black fingertips and ashes
and I should be sleeping

The bookmark series includes (1 of 6 poems/designs):

everything beautiful burning to live
clothes of sand
the pistol

The broadside includes:

like some mutual disease

Limited Deluxe Edition
$6 (plus shipping)

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