Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Snow In the Forecast
Poetry by Dave L. Tickel
Right Quick series book 1


Book #1 in our Right Quick series of 1/8-page-sized mini-chaps for a quick blast of poetry at an amazing price. Tickel has been around the small press for quite a while, writing with a beat poet feel, harking back to the days of Kerouac, Micheline, the like. This small book packs a punch, giving the reader a great taste for Tickel's writing if being introduced for the first time, and giving the experienced Tickel reader some new material on which to gnaw. From Bob Dylan to Diogenes and the dissection of classic rock to hippie life and young, wild love in the 70's to the meanings and teachings of writing from the standpoint of those narcissistic academics, this book has a pleasant little slice of Tickel's post-beat brain, still beating out the rhythms of yesteryear in the small press today.

Copies can now be purchased online; or through the mail for $1 (plus $1 US shipping; $2 out-of-US shipping) via cash, check, or money order made out to Alternating Current, PO Box 398058, Cambridge MA 02139 USA; or via PayPal with the email address All authors on our press receive royalties for each copy sold, and each purchase comes with a free random book from the archives while we clean house. Please note that if you purchase this online, our default cheapest shipping price costs more than the book, since it is lighter than most of the books we ship. In order to get your money's worth, we suggest you pay through the mail, or add it to other purchases in your online shopping cart to get your shipping's worth! :)

This book includes:

Cover art by leah angstman:
Bob Dylan

Poetry by Dave L. Tickel:
Bob Dylan and Diogenes
Playboy Centerfold
Seat Belts
Writers' Conference Deceased
She's My Best Friend
Snow In the Forecast



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